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Rolling mills, Cranes, Rubber and plastic mills, Paper mills, Power plants, Mining equipments etc.……Read More+
Our Service
Moray offers distributors a reliable, high-quality alternative for cost effective purchasing from China. We support our distributors with high level of practical experience, know-how and confidentiality.
  • Interacting with customer and analyzing project.

  • Design process from customer side.

  • The shortest delivery time.

  • Installation ,debugging and training on site.

  • Customer -returning visit.

  • Spare parts always available.

  • 24 hours stand by.

With the development of all aspects of China's technical strength, the technological innovation of production equipment...……
Dec 10
There are also related introductions on how to choose the brand and type of bearings. However, some common senses about bearings are often ignored or ignored...……
Dec 10
The coupling is the intermediate connecting part of each moving mechanism, which has a direct influence on the normal operation of each moving mechanism...……
Dec 10
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