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Drive Shafts

  • Paper Mill Drive Shafts

    The shafts have the ability to compensate for the relative displacement of the two rotating members. The movable performance compensates or mitigates additional loads between the shaft, bearings, couplings, and other components due to relative displacement between the...
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  • Rubber Production Drive Shafts

    Calendering is a popular process because of its ability to precisely adjust the product thickness. Our shafts are ideal for the rubber calendering equipments, they are properly balanced and run smoothly, require minimum downtime for maintenance and are available in various...
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  • Aluminum Production Drive Shafts

    Comparing to the other type of couplings with the same diameter, the torque transmitted by the same is larger. This is more advantageous for the mechanical equipment with limited rotating space. 1) Stable and reliable, with good vibration damping, buffering properties. 2)...
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  • Light Duty Drive Shafts

    The shaft is compact, and adopts an integral fork head, which eliminates the weak link of the bolt pressing the bearing cap, completely avoids the common malicious events caused by loose or broken bolts, hence improves working safety. Suitable for rolling machinery,...
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  • Medium Duty Drive Shafts

    Medium duty cardan shaft or Universal joint driveshafts provide a cost effective means to transmit power from a power source to a driven machine. Installation time is reduced as the need for critical alignment tolerances required by other types of couplings is eliminated. The...
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  • Heavy Duty Drive Shafts

    Heavy-duty couplings or drive shafts, require regular lubrication, it has compact structure, high strength, long service life, no rotating clearance, no oil pollution. It is corrosion resistant, suitable for high temperature, high speed, corrosive media working conditions....
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  • Industrial Universal Jiont Shaft

    Industrial universal joints, or cardan shafts, or even called u-joints, facilitate reliable torque transfer between spatially remote drive and output trains. Cardan shafts from Moray offer suitable mechanical drive solutions in nearly all industrial sectors due to their...
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  • Universal Coupling

    The universal joint uses the characteristics of its mechanism to make the two shafts not on the same axis, and the two axes can be continuously rotated under the condition of the angle of the axis, and the torque and the movement can be reliably transmitted. The biggest...
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  • Mining Drive Shafts

    Mining environment is extremely harsh, involving high temperature fluctuation , dusts and has special demands on machines and systems. The materials handling systems should have excellent performance to move large volumes of earth and rocks. High productivity with minimum...
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  • Crane Drive Shafts

    Crane drive shafts are ideal for heavy-load cranes for smelting works and roller plants such as hot-metal ladle, furnace, foundry and slab transporting. Cranes are widely used in various applications, for example, lifting and running-gear drives for material handling systems...
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