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  • Precision Bearing Components

    Bearings come in many different shapes and are widely used in various mechanical equipment and conveyors. Our bearings are made in house for internal use as well as for our clients for repair and maintenance purposes. 1) A team of professionals with over 20 years of rich...
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  • Forging Spline Shaft

    Spline shafts are round shape steel bars with ridges or teeth in a drive shaft that mesh with grooves in a mating piece and transfer torque. We offer involute spine shafts made with forging materials. There is a longitudinal keyway on the outer surface of the shaft, and the...
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  • Non Standard Alloy Spline Shaft

    Splines provide a connection between two shafts or other components that transmit torque and rotation. Splines may be straight sided, tapered, or have an involute form. We produce involute splines as they are much more common. Involute splines have teeth similar to gear teeth...
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  • Involute Spline Muffs

    Spline muffs are mating parts to fit spline shafts, together they form a spline assembly. We normally keep a minimum level of spline assemblies for internal use. These parts are available for ordering for your repair and maintenance purposes. 1) Produced according to Chinese...
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  • Mechanical Slip Assemblies

    Slip assemblies are key components for the cardan shafts, we produce these parts for both internal use and repairs and maintenance purposes. They are available for ordering. 1) Durable 2) Good stability 3) Easy to maintain 4) ISO9001-2000 1) Minimum backlash 2) Withstand high...
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We're known as one of the most professional forged steel blocks manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please be free to buy quality forged steel blocks at reasonable price from our factory.
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