Classification of commonly used couplings
Dec 10, 2018

Classification of commonly used couplings:

First, rigid coupling

Mainly include: flange coupling, radial key flange coupling, sleeve coupling, clamp coupling, parallel shaft coupling, slide coupling, cross slide coupling, ball Coupling.

Second, flexible joints without elastic components

Mainly include: gear coupling, chain coupling, universal coupling, spherical roller coupling.

Third, non-metallic elastic components flexible coupling

Mainly include: elastic sleeve pin coupling, elastic pin coupling, elastic pin pin coupling, radial elastic pin coupling, elastic block coupling, H-type elastic block coupling, Sector block elastic coupling, saddle block elastic coupling, elastic union coupling, elastic plate coupling, tire coupling, concave ring coupling, polygonal elastic coupling, claw Type elastic coupling, core type elastic coupling, plum-shaped elastic coupling, elastic ring coupling, rubber sleeve coupling.

Fourth, metal elastic component flexible coupling

Mainly include: diaphragm coupling, diaphragm coupling, serpentine spring coupling, reed coupling, flexible rod coupling, spiral spring coupling, coil spring coupling, bellows Shaft, elastic tube coupling, film coupling, floating disc reed coupling.

Five, combined flexible coupling

Mainly include: diaphragm rubber elastic coupling, diaphragm drum gear coupling, combined gear coupling, combined chain coupling, combined slider coupling, combined universal coupling.

Sixth, safety coupling

Mainly include: steel ball safety coupling, steel sand safety coupling, magnetic powder safety coupling, serpentine spring safety coupling, hydraulic safety coupling, friction safety coupling, pin type Safety coupling, permanent magnet safety coupling.

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