Correct installation and use of the cardan shaft
Feb 02, 2019

For the universal joint shaft with telescopic features, it is necessary to check that the spline sleeve and the spline shaft be matched properly when installing, so as to ensure that the phase difference between the axes of the bearing ends of the fork ends does not exceed 1°, otherwise it will not be possible to align the angles and an undue shock occurs during operation.


Both ends of the universal joint shaft can be used as the active or driven end in principle. The installation should conform to the design drawings of the transmission system, but the following two points must also be reminded that the spline section should be as far away as possible from the vibration source and the impact source, avoiding dirt or water entering the spline mating surface as much as possible.


Before installing the universal joint shaft, clean the anti-rust grease on the flange joint surface and remove the unfavorable factors that may reduce the friction of the contact surface or reduce the contact area of the joint surface; long-term overloading and operation accidents should be avoided. After a period of operation, tighten the flange coupling bolts with the specified tightening torque. Repeat this for several shifts until the tightening force is in a stable state.


Joint bearings and spline assemblies of the universal joint shaft should be greased every 1-2 weeks under high temperature working conditions. Add grease once every 500 hours of continuous work under normal working conditions, every three months under intermittent working conditions, using No. 2 industrial lithium

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