Coupling removal tips
Jan 13, 2019

At present, the coupling is popular, and the more common mechanical equipment is used. When the coupling is disassembled, the most difficult to disassemble is the hub, which is an important component for connecting the components of the coupling. When removing the hub, use the puller that matches the size of the hub to disassemble it, otherwise it will be disassembled, or it will slip off if it is too strong, and the surface of the hub will be damaged.


At the same time, during the disassembly process, some marks should be made to the common positions between the components of the coupling, as a reference for reassembly, and the correct position of each part is not remembered during installation. For a coupling used in a high-speed machine, the adjacent bolts are weighed, and the marks must be clearly defined and cannot be mistaken.


Moreover, the bolts are not easy to assemble, and the individual first removes the coupling bolts when the coupling is disassembled. At the same time, due to the accumulation of a layer of grease on the thread details, and the stress surface of the outer hexagon or the inner hexagon of the bolt has been slipped and destroyed, the disassembly will be more difficult. For the bolts that have been rusted or have more grease, the solvent is often used (spraying bolts and nuts) Adjacent to the solvent, so that the solvent is soaked in the thread, it will be easier to

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