Disassembly, handling and use precautions for cross and bearings
Feb 09, 2019

Cross and bearings shall avoid collision and stacking when disassembling, handling and stocking, so the engine should be at full stop. Avoid lifting the clutch pedal, the shift should be smooth; try to make the vehicle brake when the vehicle is in neutral or the clutch is in the disengaged state to prevent the drive overload.


During the use of the cross and bearings, the sealing condition of the intermediate support bearing, the cross shaft bearing and the sliding spline should be checked frequently, and the failed oil seal should be replaced in time.


Grease is often injected. In order for the bearings of the universal joint to be fully lubricated, the lubricant must be squeezed out of the oil seal of the bearing. Lubricate the intermediate support bearing, which should be squeezed out from the vent hole of the front bearing cap.


In addition, always check the fastening bolts that fasten the drive shaft and support the components. Frequently check the diameter of the intermediate support bearing, the axial clearance, the axial clearance of the cross shaft, the cross shaft and the bearing, the matching clearance between the bearing and the universal joint fork hole, and the circumferential clearance of the sliding spline pair; making sure the drive shaft is not bent, recessed, or missing balancing

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