Fixed form of the coupling
Dec 10, 2018

The five fixed types of couplings are: elastic coupling fixing screw, clamping screw fixing, keyway fixing, word hole fixing and expansion sleeve fixing.

1. Coupling positioning screw fixing: The two positioning screw clearances lock the fixed shaft. The traditional fixed form, because the front end of the screw is in contact with the shaft center, may cause the shaft core to be damaged or disassembled.

2. Clamping screw fixing: The force of the hexagon screw is used to tighten the slit, and the shaft is tightly clamped. This form is convenient and easy to disassemble and does not cause damage to the shaft. It is a very common form of fixing.

3. Keyway type fixing: It is suitable for high-torque transmission. In order to avoid axial sliding, it is generally used together with fixing screw and clamping screw.

4. Word hole is fixed: Under normal conditions, if the shaft of the motor is in a zigzag type, if the positioning screw has no way to fix it, the hole of the coupling can be disposed into a hole corresponding to the volume of the motor shaft, suitable for positioning. With the screws fixed, you don't have to worry about slipping out.

5. Expansion sleeve fixing: After tightening and fixing the four positioning screws of the end face of the coupling, it is suitable for the connection of the stepping motor and the servo motor with large torsion force, such as the expansion sleeve diaphragm coupling. , expansion sleeve plum coupling, expansion sleeve tube coupling, and so on.

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