Impact of working environment on universal joints
Jan 16, 2019

The useful life of the universal joint is closely related to its working environment. For high temperature, low temperature, oily, acid, and alkali working environments, shafts or couplings with metal elastic elements instead of rubber parts are advisable as rubber can be easily corroded;


When choosing a universal joint, you can consider the magnitude and nature of the torque to be transmitted and the requirements for the buffer damping function. For example, for high-power heavy-duty transmissions, drum-shaped universal couplings are available; for severe impact loads or transmissions that require shafting torsional vibration, a universal joint with a high-elastic pin can be used.


At the same time, we must also take into account the working speed of the universal joint and the centrifugal force caused from it. For the high-speed transmission shaft, the universal joint with high balance accuracy should be used, and the eccentric slider universal joint should not be used. In addition, the magnitude and direction of the relative displacement of the two axes cannot be ignored. When the installation is adjusted, it is difficult to maintain the strict alignment of the two axes, or the two axes will produce a large additional relative displacement during the work, the flexible elastic pin joints should be

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