Lubrication for cross and bearings
Jan 31, 2019

It is clearly stated in the general vehicle maintenance manual that the key teeth and the intermediate bearing of the transmission shaft telescopic sleeve use calcium-based grease, and the cross and bearings and the three-bridge drive the intermediate bearing of the rear axle drive shaft of the automobile use gear oil. Since the grease nipple for the cross bearing gear oil is a very common type, it often causes a misunderstanding. In fact, the butter is not added to the bearing needles.


Because the viscosity of the butter is large, when the butter is used to add grease to the inner cavity of the cross and bearings through the grease nipple, the resistance of the butter into the oil passage of the narrow inner oil groove is big, and the pressure of the butter will overflow against the pressure reducing valve opposite the oil nozzle. The maintenance staff sometimes mistakenly believes that the bearing has been filled with oil. In fact, the butter is not only unable to enter between the needles, but it is also difficult to reach the end face of the cross and bearings. Therefore, the wrong way of lubricating the universal joint cross and bearings with butter instead of the gear oil should be changed, and the gear oil should be filled with a gear oil pressure gun.


The cross and bearings belongs to one of the non-equal velocity joints, that is, when the angle between the two shafts of the universal joint is greater than zero, the output shaft and the book input shaft transmit motion at a varying instantaneous angular velocity ratio, but the average angular velocity is equal. The so-called "unequal speed of the transmission" refers to the angular velocity unevenness during the rotation of the driven shaft. In short, the advantages are safety, simple structure, convenient use and maintenance, and low

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