Lubrication tips for proper maintenance of cross bearings
Dec 24, 2018

In the maintenance process of the cross bearing, the lubricating material should have good mechanical stability, such as temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, water resistance and oxidation stability. There are calcium-based greases, lithium-based greases, aluminum-based greases and sodium-based greases. In fact, the No. 2 or No. 3 lithium based grease are more commonly used as they have higher dropping point and better thermal stability than the calcium base grease.


The cross bearing is usually maintained once every 2000km. The correct operation method of lubrication is: press the oil outlet of the device against the grease fitting, and continue to operate to make the grease enter the cross shaft through the grease nozzle under pressure. The grease then reaches the four journal ends, filling the bearing cups, and at the same time, cleansing the impurities remaining in the rollers.


After all the grease and impurities in each bearing cup are extruded, the operation is completed. If the grease cannot be pressed into the bearing during operation, the grease nipples should be replaced or the grease passage should be

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