Parts finishing processing and extrusion grinding of the gear spindles
Feb 06, 2019

It is very necessary to remove the oil before the finishing of the gear spindles parts and to dehydrate and dry the rust after the finishing, and both are indispensable.

The dehydration and drying of the reducer coupling is usually carried out by an industrial dryer. The main components of the anti-rust oil are lanolin, petroleum sulfonate, sodium petroleum sulfonate and additives.


Machine tools, abrasives and fixtures are the three elements of the gear flow of the gear spindles.

The function of the extrusion grinding machine is to fix the workpiece and the fixture and control the extrusion pressure.

Under a certain pressure, the abrasive is ground to the surface to obtain the effect of deburring and chamfering.


The abrasive is a semi-solid carrier with viscoelasticity, softness and cutting properties and a certain amount of scrub.

The viscosity of different carriers, the type of sanding, and the size of the abrasive particles can produce different effects. Commonly used abrasive types are silicon carbide, cubic boron nitride, alumina and gold steel sand, and the sand grain size is 0.005 to 1.5 mm.


The fixture positions the part and guides the abrasive to the part being machined to block the part that does not need to be machined.

To successfully complete the abrasive flow processing of the parts, the best processing results are obtained, and many influencing factors.

In addition to the equipment, it also includes the choice of abrasive, the size of the pressing force, the number of cycles, and the rational design of the

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