Precautions during use of the cross bearing
Jan 07, 2019

During the use of the cross bearing, there are many details to be aware of. For example, when disassembling, handling, and stocking, avoid collision and stacking; the engine should be idle in order to avoid impact; avoid lifting the clutch pedal, gearing should be smooth; try to ensure that the vehicle is in neutral status when the vehicle is braking, or the clutch is in a disengaged state to prevent overloading of the transmission.


At the same time, always check the sealing condition of the intermediate support bearing, cross bearing, sliding spline, and replace the failed oil seal in time. Greasing is often required. In order for the bearings of the universal joint to be fully lubricated, the lubricant must be squeezed out of the oil seal of the bearing. Lubricate the intermediate support bearing from the vent hole of the front bearing cap.


Always check the fastening bolts; always check the axial clearance of the cross bearing, the cross bearing and the bearing, the matching clearance between the bearing and the universal joint yokes, and the circumferential clearance of the sliding spline pair; check if the shaft bends or the concave ridge, also if the balance piece fall off; check whether the positioning of the engine, the rear axle (drive axle) and the intermediate support beam meet the

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