Proper lubrication steps for the universal joint
Jan 21, 2019

The universal joint is subjected to a large torque and alternating load during work. However, due to the poor toughness of the oil film of the calcium-based grease, it is difficult to form a good oil film on the friction surface of the bearing and the journal, so actually the universal joint is not used this lubricant to lubricate.


In addition, due to the design of the old-fashioned universal joint cross shaft, when grease is added to the inner cavity of the cross shaft through the grease fitting, because the viscosity of the grease is large, the resistance to enter the oil passage of the narrow inner oil groove is large, and the grease is then relied on. The pressure will overflow from the pressure relief valve opposite the nozzle, which causes the repairman to mistake the bearing for full grease. In fact, many times grease can not only enter between the needles, but it is also difficult to reach the end of the cross journal.


It is said that after comparison experiments, the service life of the universal joint with gear oil is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary butter. However, there is also a need for a special pressurized oiling tool, and the cross shaft should be removed for cleaning during the first refueling. Also, the gear oil is not as retentive as grease, and its lubrication cycle needs to be shortened.


Considering the above reasons, the 2# extreme pressure lithium complex grease is used to lubricate the universal joint, and its fluidity is good, so that it can be easily reached to the lubrication part; and the grease has good extreme pressure resistance and is suitable for universal ten bytes. Working status. According to our understanding of users, the current development trend of universal joints is to cancel the oil hole. Therefore, the grease with the same life as the equipment parts must be selected. The type of grease is: extreme pressure composite lithium, extreme pressure lithium, polyurea

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