Some basic features for couplings
Jan 05, 2019

The user need to have a good understanding of what they want from a coupling, this can bring better advantages for your own choice, especially when everyone understands the functionality of the coupling in the process of actual application.


The manufacturer will design according to different working conditions, but there are some basic common features. Firstly, the mobility is the ability to compensate the relative displacement of the two rotating members. Factors such as manufacturing and installation errors between connected components, temperature changes during operation, and load deformation are all required for mobility. The movable performance compensates or mitigates additional loads between the shaft, bearings, couplings, and other components due to relative displacement between the rotating members.


Secondly, it is cushioning. For the case of frequent load starting or working load change, the coupling needs to have the elastic element of buffering and damping to protect the prime mover and the working machine from being damaged. In addition, the coupling is also required to be safe and reliable, with sufficient strength and service life; the structure is required to be simple for convenient assembly and

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