Surface treatment of universal joint shaft and requirements for heat treatment
Jan 17, 2019

The cardan shaft parts may be subjected to post-forging heat treatment, which should be pre-heat treated during this heat treatment, can improve the structure and increase the workability. In the performance heat treatment, the supplier must process according to the drawings provided, and also perform quenching and tempering. When the cutting amount of the surface exceeds 5 mm, the stress removal treatment is required.


When the cardan shaft parts are subject to stress removal treatment, the temperature to be treated should be about 30 degrees lower than the temperature at which the tempering is performed, and the mechanical property test is performed after the stress removal treatment is performed. Each type of heat treatment is not carried out casually and needs to be strictly carried out in order to achieve the desired processing effect.


In order to ensure the use of the cardan shaft, the parts surface may also be treated, so that it can effectively avoid the phenomenon of rust, erosion and the like on the surface, thus affecting its use. There are many surface treatment methods for universal joint shafts, such as flame quenching, carburizing, electroplating, induction hardening, etc. Each step must be operated in strict accordance with the

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