Technical requirements for producing forged rings
Dec 21, 2018

The forged ring has an irreplaceable advantage over some of the other parts. It has an extremely long service life that cannot be achieved by parts produced by other technical methods during use. Moreover, the metal crystal body in the forged ring is more compact and the structure is more rigid, and the forged ring does not damage the metal fiber of the raw material during processing and can make the metal line smoother.


These advantages of the forged ring are mainly due to its strict technical requirements; its margin size must conform to international safety standards, and its material must be consistent with the material of the part. The chemical composition also needs to conform to the national unified standard.


There are also related requirements for the material of the forged ring. The billet cannot be forged as a forged part; and the parts with different shapes must also guarantee a certain forging ratio. It is not allowed to use the similarly rounded round forged production in forging. There are strict requirements for temperature, forging frequency and pressure in the process. The shape of the forged ring also needs to be neat and uniform, problems such as stacking and cracks are

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