The advantages of forged flanges and their forging process
Jan 10, 2019

At present, forged flanges are widely used and popularized in pipe fittings, and since they are used in different environments and environments, they need to be used in accordance with the corresponding ways. A forged flange is similar to a sliding flange and its main advantage is that it can be assembled without welding.


The forging process of the forged flange generally consists of the following steps: selection of excellent billet blanking, heating, forming, and post-forging cooling. Forging processes include free forging, die forging and film forging. At the time of production, depending on the size of the forgings and the number of batches produced, different forging methods are selected.


Forged flanges are often used in environments where conditions are moderate, such as low pressure non-purified compressed air and low pressure circulating water. These flanges are usual very price competitive. The structure is reasonable, the strength and rigidity are large, and it can withstand various harsh environments such as high temperature and high pressure, repeated bending and temperature fluctuation, and the sealing performance is still

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