Universal joint maintenance
Jan 09, 2019

After a long period of use of the cardan shaft, a series of problems will inevitably occur. Ignoring will definitely have a big impact on production. In order to ensure the performance of the cardan shaft during the use of the machine and to ensure that its service life can be effectively extended, it is necessary to carry out thorough maintenance work.


In the use of the universal joint shaft, first of all, it is necessary to pay more attention to the slow speed. Only when it is slowly accelerated during use, it is more in line with the use of the machine and reduces the unnecessary wear of the mechanical equipment. Since the balance pad is one of the important reasons for stabilizing the balance of the cardan shaft, it is critical to check the balance of the cardan shaft. When we do major repairs, more attention need to be given to the basics.


In addition to the above two points, the inspection of the working condition of the cardan shaft is required daily. Of course, greasing is basic procedure while maintenance work is carried out. In general, it is best to inject lithium-based grease.

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