What is the application range of agricultural drive shafts
Jan 30, 2019

The agricultural drive shaft is applied to the power transmission of modern agricultural machinery, the transmission of power between the most common tractor and agricultural implements or the power output and input of the agricultural machinery itself.


At the same time, the agricultural machinery drive shaft has the characteristics of universal joint transmission. The input end and the output end can be different from each other according to different types. The structure of the agricultural drive shaft enables the angle between the output end and the input end to reach 0-80°, while  working, it can be expanded and contracted within the specified range.


The agricultural drive shaft is mainly regarded as spare parts of various agricultural machineries. Now the agricultural production is basically mechanized, and these machines need a combination of various spare parts. In agriculture, the role of the agricultural drive shaft is quite unique. All kinds of machinery require the drive shaft for power and

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