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Analysis And Development Direction Of China's Coupling Industry Problems
Dec 10, 2018

With the rapid development of modern metallurgical industry, the standardization degree of encoder couplings will continue to increase, and higher requirements are imposed on the couplings used by metallurgical enterprises. It not only meets the requirements of high speed, heavy load and high precision of the manufacturer, but also meets the requirements of stable operation, high transmission efficiency, long service life and easy maintenance.

For the promotion and application of new materials in the coupling industry, couplings with higher performance and special purpose will continue to develop, and some special and more advanced processing methods will be produced. After entering the 21st century, Encoder couplings have gradually emerged and are now gradually gaining traction in the high-end market. However, there are still many problems compared to foreign encoder couplings. The core of technology and market planning are the two major directions that need to be solved at present.

1. Change to focus on industry segmentation

Relevant data show that the domestic encoder coupling market potential will exceed 100 billion yuan. Thanks to the wide application of encoder couplings and numerous industrial fields, it also promotes the transformation and division of encoder coupling enterprises. The industry market, and this change has also driven the development of the overall industry chain to the industry market segmentation trend.

2. Change to the core of technology

Technological innovation is the soft underbelly of China's encoder coupling enterprises. It is late, and the backward technology has caused the competition in the encoder coupling market in China to be at a disadvantage, especially in the steel industry, rail transit and other industries. Therefore, the encoder coupling is rarely entered. Therefore, this also motivates China's encoder coupling manufacturers to painstakingly increase their investment in technology research and development.

The domestically produced encoder coupling is shouldering the important mission of localization of high-end equipment in China. As a high-speed train bearing field for basic spare parts, the market share of China's encoder couplings will exceed 120 billion yuan in the next three years. At present, China should adopt the principle of project and export two carriages to promote the development of domestic encoder couplings.

Driven by the development of rail transit, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automotive lightweight, rail transit and other fields, the level of China's encoder coupling industry has been significantly improved. The encoder coupling industry is actively exploring emerging markets in the traditional market, and even marginal markets that have been overlooked in the past have also been developed.

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