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Coordination Problems Often Occur When The Coupling Is Aligned
Dec 10, 2018

Couplings are important components in mechanical equipment and are commonly used in the connection of large equipment to reducers or motors. At the same time, they are widely used in small and medium-sized equipment. In order to avoid the large vibration of the coupling during use, damage the motor and reducer bearings, reduce the service life of the equipment, and the coupling in large equipment must ensure high coaxiality. Therefore, the search of the coupling is a very important and highly accurate work. It must be rigorously tested before the equipment is commissioned to ensure the quality of the installation.

The search of the coupling is one of the important tasks of the machine installation. The purpose of the alignment is to make the center line of the two axes of the drive shaft and the driven shaft on the same line when the machine is working. The accuracy of the alignment is related to the machine. It works well and is especially important for high speed machines.

Analysis of the two-axis offset of the coupling when looking for positive:

When the machine is installed, the coupling will be biased or tilted in the axial and radial directions. There are four possible situations:

1) Two axes are concentric, two axes are parallel

2) The two axes are different, but the two axes are parallel

3) Two axes are concentric, and the two axes are not parallel

4) The two axes are different and not parallel

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