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How To Choose The Bearing Type
Dec 10, 2018

There are also related introductions on how to choose the brand and type of bearings. However, some common senses about bearings are often ignored or ignored. Many times, the use of bearings plays a very important role. I will come to you for everyone. Popular science.

1. What is the life of the bearing?

Before a single bearing, in which one ferrule or rolling element material exhibits fatigue for the first time, the number of revolutions of one set of rings relative to the other is called the life of the bearing. Due to differences in manufacturing precision, homogeneity of materials, etc., even the same materials, the same size, and the same batch of bearings produced under the same conditions will have very different lifetimes.

2. What are the main failure modes of rolling bearings?

Mainly include: pitting corrosion, plastic deformation, abrasive wear, adhesive wear, corrosion, bearing burns, etc.

3. What is the basic rating life of the bearing?

Pitting corrosion occurs according to 10% of the bearings in a group of bearings, while 90% of the bearings do not have the number of revolutions before the pitting damage (in millions of revolutions) or working hours as the bearing life, and this life Called the basic rating life, expressed in L10.

4. What is the basic dynamic load rating of the bearing?

When the basic rating life of the bearing is exactly one million revolutions, the load value that the bearing can bear is called the basic dynamic load rating of the bearing, which is indicated by C. For a radial bearing, it refers to a pure radial load, denoted by Cr; for a thrust bearing, it refers to a pure axial load, denoted by Ca.

5. What is the equivalent dynamic load of the bearing?

If the rolling bearing is subjected to both radial and axial combined loads, in order to calculate the bearing life under the same conditions, the actual load must be converted into an equivalent dynamic load consistent with the load condition for determining the basic dynamic load when calculating the life. , denoted by P.

6. Why do rolling bearings need to be calculated for static load?

Static load is the load acting on the bearing when the relative rotational speed of the bearing ring is zero or the relative rotational speed is extremely low. In order to limit the excessive contact stress and permanent deformation of the rolling bearing under static load, static load calculation is required.

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