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The Development Of Universal Coupling Enterprise
Dec 10, 2018

In foreign countries, the production of transmission couplings is mainly specialized. The general scale is medium and small, the number of personnel is between tens and hundreds, and many companies are global. They have their production, sales and service in countries all over the world. Outlets. There are also some transmission link companies that are part of a larger group of companies. The common feature of these transmission coupling companies is that they have high technical content, adapt to the technical needs of the current heavy machine, advanced processing equipment, casting and forging parts, hydraulic and electrical components, advanced management, and focus on technology development and technological progress. There are not many domestic professional transmission coupling manufacturers, and some large metallurgical equipment, heavy equipment, steel plants, power plants, shipyards have their own workshops for the production of transmission couplings, and in the automotive industry, these state-owned production More plants. In addition, there are many small-scale private enterprises that can produce relatively single products.

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