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Torque ValuesLengthsStandard Dimensions
Type AType BType CType DType E

TnTfLLaLLLaLLβDD1D2D3Lmn x Ødktbg
SWZ160189850755809807568048010°160138951141208 x 13155206
SWZ19031.516935806501090807505401901651151331358 x 15175257
SWZ2204522108510076012601008806202201901301591558 x 17206328
SWZ26080401220115880142011510107202602281551941808 x 192564012.5
SWZ30012563145512010101600120117086030026018021921510 x 233074015
SWZ350200100158513011201760130128094035031021027323510 x 233585016
SWZ4002801401785145127020401451450108040035824029927010 x 254087018
SWZ4253551801965145135021501451570118042537625532529516 x 2842108020
SWZ4504502241990185145023001851670120045040027035130016 x 2844108020
SWZ5006003152200200163026002001870136050044530037734016 x 3147129022.5
SWZ5508004002345210171026702101950142055049232042635516 x 31501210022.5

All dimensions are in mm unless otherwise noted
Flange diameter is equal to swing diameter, but can be customized upon customers request.
TnTorque Under Continuous Load (kNm)
TfTorque Under Reversing Load (kNm)
TpTorque Under Pulasting Load (kNm)
FBearing Life Factor
LMinimum Collapsed Length
LaLength Compensation (Maximum Length = L+La)
βMaximum Operating Angle
DRotation Diameter (Swing)
D1Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)
D2Pilot (H7)
D3Tube Diameter
LmFlange to Bearing Center
n x ØdBolt holes
kFlange Thickness
tPilot Depth
bFace Key Width (H9)
gFace Key Height

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